A note from Rich Walikis, founder of the Jam Bones band:

I started The Jam Bones back in 2003 with an intent to play well known music with a Jam Band flair. Eventually, I found the right players to make that happen effectively. The Jam Bones in various formats (ie., trio, combo, 5-piece) have played some of the absolutely best venues, parties, and events in the region all following the "Jammy" formula. We created two Syracuse Area Music (Sammy) nominated all-original disks and interspersed these great musical creations into our ever growing set list. But, eventually, all good things come to an end.

I am formally declaring that the Jam Bones band is closing shop for good. There are a number of reasons, but most importantly I had serious health issues in 2016 that made me rethink a lot of things in my life including why I'm dedicating so much time into this group. The health issues are resolved but the same question lingers. Many of you have contacted the band recently about parties and events may have noticed we have not taken any new bookings. That is because my decision is final. We will rock out our last obligations on the books, so I'd like everybody who can make it to come see these events for the Jam Bones finale:

Sat May 27, 8-10:30pm: Private Graduation Party, Ithaca, NY
Fri June 23, 7-10pm: Thousand Island River Run, Alexandria Bay, NY
Sat Sep 2, 6-8pm: Inlet Concerts in the Park, Inlet, NY

I would like to thank the current members of the band (Jeff Cline and Jerry Parton) as well as all former members (Carl Castagna, Drew Hall, Tom Witkowski, Ron Blair, Charlie Ford, Eric Heinzman, and Bob Stenger) with special emphasis on CR Stewart, the cofounder of the group, for great dedication and devotion to the band. It's been a wild and crazy ride, but I'm getting off this roller-coaster. I will see you all again in some future project, and am certain we'll see each other out and about.

Thank you very much for a great 14 years. God bless you all!

Contact: thejambones@hotmail.com