The Jam Bones Band

About the Band

The Jam Bones were founded by Rich Walikis back in the summer of 2003. The original band had CR Stewart on drums as well as "Bob the Dentist" on bass. Bob left after a few months, as his interest was traditional Blues. The band went through a slew of relatively weak bassists until they met Drew Hall in 2005, a dynamic and uplifting 5-string player. With Drew, the trio quickly propelled upwards - playing large venues, corporate parties, festivals and more. The group released their second highly acclaimed CD "New Recipe" in 2008 which included Tom Witkowski on keyboards who occasionally played with the group on selected events.

In 2009, the band peaked playing over 110 shows, some with added percussionist Bob Stenger and Witkowski. The band, severely burnt out from an exhausting schedule, dealt with the loss of Hall, who relocated to southern Pennsylvania in early 2010. Carl Castagna and Jerome Parton filled bass duties after Hall, and in 2012, original member and music co-writer Stewart left due to health issues. Rich then recruited drummer Jeff Cline and the band carried on. However, in the summer of 2016, Rich put the band on hiatus due to serious health issues of his own. The band resurfaced in late 2016 for a few more months and Rich decided to temporarily disband the group while more health related issues were addressed.

By fall of 2017, Rich recuperated, regrouped, and reinvigorated the Jam Bones by bringing in accomplished 5-string bassist Ralph Vito into the mix. The current lineup of Rich, Jeff, and Ralph is arguably the strongest talent this band has seen since 2003 - so be prepared for a new musical renaissance and experience. Carry on, Jam Bones!